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We are South America´s leading producer of  Maqui Berry Juice and Powders.
Our rasperry products are used worldwide by customers to improve the quality, color and aroma of their products.
Bayas Del Sur is considered the reference Standard in Berry Juice.

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We are makers, not brokers. With Bayas Del Sur, you always get premium freshness and excellent quality.
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Our Patagonia-based Plant is running in Purranque, Southern Chile - a location of privilege;  we are  able to tap into the best raw materials directly. Bayas is a symbol for a horizontal and high-speed supply Chain, that connects growers, pickers and our receiving department extremely fast. We made short hauls for fresh fruit a Key factor. This is why our Berry Juice Concentrates,  Fruit- and vegetable Juices and our freeze-dried powders are so fresh, flavorful and healthy. 

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