31 Years Of Leadership

For more than three decades, we help our customers conquer new or established markets. We are a leading provider of health-related food ingredients - and we invite you to join their success story!

Berry juice concentrates and powders from Bayas Del Sur have become more and more important in the food and beverage industry. Within a concept of functional food, nutraceutical properties have come to play a leading role. Because of their high content of antioxidants, polyphenols, ellagig and quinic acid, berries are known to be a fantastic source of nutraceuticals.

Chilean berries make the difference

In global sourcing, Chile plays a key role as a provider of berries, berry juice and berry concentrates. Our climate is mediterranean, and our health-oriented nutritional focus has led to a strong “Berries Cluster”.

We grow excellent berries. Traditionally species like Raspberry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Boysenberry, Cranberry and Elderberry.

But three native Chilean species were disruptive for food-, beverage- and flavor design. These are Maqui, Murta and Calafate. These have turned the world´s understanding of frehness upside down, and they have changed the way to create health-oriented nutrition concepts.

Concentrates and Powders set you ahead of the competition

Berry Juices and concentrates from Chile are clear winners, because their innovative potential is outstanding. The Bayas Del Sur concentrate production under certified conditions is one of the key elements in a framework of berry culture and exploitation, processing and delivery.

Be it juice, cooler, spread, probably a new beverage type, a nutraceutical application or a value-added ingredient you are developing: We at BDS are here to help - so you will achieve outstanding flavor and quality.