Maqui – Powder and Liquid Concentrate


Product Description

Bayas Del Sur Original Maqui Extract is available in three varieties, each one specifically formulated to its intended use as
• Health Ingredient
• Active Component in Supplements
• Powerful Natural Food Colorant
Bayas Del Sur Original Maqui Liquid Extracts and lyophylized powders are produced from Maqui Berries (Aristotelia chilensis) ,
hand-picked in the wild in
the Chilean Patagonia.
Due to its high anthocyanin? content and antioxidant?effect, Maqui Berry is ?considered the ?”New Superfruit”.

Maqui -LE
65 Brix
Seedless, Freeze-dried
W.Seeds, Freeze-dried
Brix65,0 +/- 0,5
Humidity1,50 – 5,00 %3,00 – 5,00 %
pH3,50 – 4,00
Density1,319 g/cm30,630 g/ml0,600 g/ml
(520 nm)
Color Units1418
ORAChydro*600-850 µmol TE/ml**850-950 µmol TE/g**350-500 µmol TE/g***
Anthocyanins18 – 24 mg/ml30 – 35 mg/g10 – 30 mg/g
Anthocyanin compositionDelphinidin-3-sambubioside-5-glucoside
Total Phenolics65-79 mg/g**37-49 mg/g***
Microbiological Analysis
Mold< 20 U.F.C./ml< 20 U.F.C./ml< 20 U.F.C./ml< 1.000< 1.000
Yeast< 100 U.F.C. /ml< 100 U.F.C. /ml< 100 U.F.C. /ml< 1.000< 1.000
Total Coliformsn.d. in 1 mln.d. in 1 mln.d. in 1 mlABSENTABSENT
Total Plate Count< 100 U.F.C. /ml< 100 U.F.C. /ml< 100 U.F.C. /ml< 10.000< 10.000
Package Sizes1 l Flask in Box with 12 flasks , 55 Gallon drum1 and 5 Kg.
Packaging1 l : amber glass flasks, medical grade
55 Gallons: 4 mil. polyethylene pouch with 2 inches Spout and cap inside open head steel drum, with removable lid and seal
Polyethylene bag, placed inside a multi-laminated flexible pouch,isolated from light and moisture.To provide additional protection against moisture, Silica-Gel-sachets are included in the package.
Shelf Life and Storage12 months at ?18 °C
batches stored outside of original Steel drum
must be protected from artificial and sunlight
12 months in unopened original Package, at 20 – 25 °C and < 60% R.H.,
* The ORAC fluorescent analysis with Fluorescein as a probe measures the scavenging capacity of antioxidants against the peroxyl radical, which is one of the most common reactive oxygen species (ROS) found in the body. ORAC hydro reflects the water-soluble antioxidant capacity. Trolox, a Vitamin-E analog soluble in water, is used as calibration standard; the ORAC result is expressed as micromol Trolox equivalent (TE) per unit