“Spirit of Pro Chile” 2019 to Bayas Del Sur

ProChile celebrates 45 years renewing its commitment to SMEs

With a seminar aimed at analyzing the challenges for future markets, taking into account the current social crisis affecting the country, the institution commemorated its anniversary in the service of national exports.

Santiago, Friday, November 29, 2019
This morning ProChile held an event to commemorate its 45 years of life. At the event, ministers, economists, former directors and other government entities met to discuss Chile’s challenges in future markets, along with analyzing the current social crisis affecting the country, among other issues.

The activity was inaugurated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Teodoro Ribera, and the General Director of ProChile, Jorge O’Ryan.

Miguel Montes (center), Commercial Manager, on stage with  the Minister of Foreign affairs Teodoro Ribera (left)  and the Director of ProChile, Jorge O´Ryan (right)
Miguel Montes (center), Commercial Manager, on stage with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodoro Ribera (left) and the Director of ProChile, Jorge O´Ryan (right)

“If today we look at what Chile is, it is thanks to its exports, diversification of its markets and openness to the world,” noted the Foreign Minister, who recalled that ProChile was created in 1974, after it was defined that the country’s development model was going to be linked to trade openness. “This commercial opening was going to lead to the need to compete not within Chile, but with the world, and ProChile was going to be the arm with which we were going to collaborate so that the small and medium enterprises of the non-mineral heading were related to the environment and exported”.

In this sense, Jorge O’Ryan, General Director of ProChile pointed out that “We have sought to modernize ProChile, not only administratively, but also in its work. In the last two years we have given a strong impulse to innovation, to companies that add value to their exportable offer and to services, without neglecting traditional exports. Today, however, we cannot remain oblivious to the social crisis affecting our country, so efforts are also concentrated on supporting exporting SMEs, which are an engine of Chile’s economy and also of international trade.

Subsequently, the main presentation was given by Rodrigo Vergara, PhD in Economics from Harvard University, researcher at the Center for Public Studies, and former president of the Central Bank, who analyzed and reviewed the global economies, the challenges facing Chile, given the country’s new scenario, and how the national economy will be affected in the coming months.

At the end of that presentation, the Minister of Economy, Lucas Palacios, spoke, calling on all present to support the solutions being considered through the three axes proposed by the government: Peace, Justice (with a robust social agenda) and the bases for a new constitution.

During the activity, a panel discussion was also held with the participation of the Undersecretary of International Economic Relations, Rodrigo Yáñez; the Executive Director of the Fundación Imagen de Chile, Constanza Cea; the former Minister of Economy and former Director of ProChile, Félix de Vicente, and the entrepreneur of the Araucanía Region, Elizabeth Carihuentro, who is dedicated to the multiplication and in vitro production of blueberry, cherry and other berries plants, which she exports to Uruguay, Spain and Colombia.

From this panel, each of the guests spoke about the crisis that is affecting Chile, made their evaluations and gave reflections on how to get out of it strengthened and become a fairer country with more opportunities.

Outstanding exporters

In the event, it was wanted to reward to exporting companies that reflect the contribution of ProChile in these 45 years for the promotion of Chile and its exports. Awards were given in the categories Pymex, which went to the company Novamine of the Region of Antofagasta; eCommerce, which rewarded the company Benexia of the Region of Arica and Parinacota; Premio Mujer, which was given to the company Poco a Poco a Poco of the Region of Biobío, and Innovation, which went to the company Altum Lab of the Metropolitan Region.

In addition, the Spirit of ProChile award was given, which sought to highlight an exporting company of more than 10 years that has achieved growth in international markets, with social responsibility, that is sustainable and with high value-added offer. This award was given to the company Bayas del Sur, in the Los Lagos Region.

Commercial Manager Miguel Montes giving a short review on Bayas Del Sur
Commercial Manager Miguel Montes giving a short review on Bayas Del Sur

“The idea of giving these awards in recognition, responds to what ProChile has relieved in these 45 years in its support to the Chilean companies and in how we go out to the world with our exportable offer. I want to congratulate all the companies that were chosen and I ask them to continue working together, today more than ever, because our country has to move forward. They count on ProChile for everything they need,” noted the Director General of ProChile.

Text originally published in spanish https://www.prochile.gob.cl/noticia/prochile-cumple-45-anos-renovando-su-compromiso-con-las-pymes/