The Maqui Superfruit

Maqui Berry is an endemic fruit of Chile. In 2005, Bayas Del Sur gathered the first team of food technologists and scientists worldwide to start a commercial venture, collecting Maqui Berry in the wild and process the berries to a 65 °Brix Juice Concentrate.

Still in first line, there are two key values we hold on to:

  • Respect for the Mapuche people and their constant participation in the benefits obtained from Maqui.
  • Always guarantee a sustainable way of harvesting this unique and valuable resource.

In ancient times, Maqui was relatively unknown and seldomly used outside the Mapuche Community. The Mapuche People, however, look back at more than five centuries of Maqui berries. During january and february, they harvested Maqui, mashed it and set the mixture to ferment to a deep black-red wine-like beverage, the famous “Chicha de Maqui”. It was – and still is- a symbol for mapuche tradition, being carried on to contemporary society.

Maqui today

In 2012, everybody jumped on the Maqui train. A former CEO of our company started sending Containers with Maqui Berries to Italy on his own behalf. This act of piracy opened the floodgates, causing a reckless exploitation, posing a tremendous extractive pressure on the ressource. After we recovered from the schock, we had to mitigate, and finally had to put years of effort in rebuilding our supply chain. We explored far South into deep patagonia to obtain – again – significant amounts of Maqui for Processing. Bayas Del Sur, today, continues to be the #1 producer of Maqui Berry Concentrates and – since 2017 – freeze-dried berries and powders (seedless and with seeds). Our quality and knowledge on Maqui continues unsurpassed, and we provide most of Chilean Maqui Berry to food processors and nutraceutical partners all over the world.

Be invited to take part in this community of sustainable production and processing, – the only way to make sure that Maqui stays available and the Mapuche People of Chile continue to prosper with their traditional way of life.